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A Safe Alternative for Pain Relief {Mom's Kisses Review & Giveaway}

During my late childhood and teenage years, I popped Tylenol and Advil like it was going out of style. With regular headaches and back pain, plus monthly stomach cramps, I just couldn't cope without OTC (over the counter) drugs. Of course as time went on, the doses I had to take progressively increased. I would take extra strength drugs at the maximum dose and hope for the best. Often, it was barely enough to take the edge off.Does this sound familiar to you?

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Mom's Choice Organic Nursing Tea {Review & Giveaway}

Ok, so total honesty right here: I am so excited to be doing this review and giveaway! Over the past couple months, I have gotten in touch with companies whose products I love, in hopes of forming a partnership with them.You guys know that My Own Ripple Effect is all about "creating a ripple effect of healthy homes and healthy families" right?! Well, finding awesome, healthy products I love and partnering with companies as sponsors is another way that I can expand the ripple effect and help more people live healthy, full lives!

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