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Chicken Cilantro Soup

This was the first really enjoyable meal I had on our GAPS Intro Diet. There were other soups that I thought were good, but this one gave me hope that I really could make good food on the Intro Diet--good enough to even invite people over again! It was a confidence boost really. And the best part is that if you already have chicken broth and chicken made, it's sooo easy to throw together!

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Beef & Broccoli Soup

Honestly, I wasn't quite sure about this one when I was deciding which recipes to make. When I hear "beef & broccoli" I immediately think of the oh-so-disgustingly-tasty Chinese food dish, so I thought I would be sorely let down by this soup. But, I knew that I loved cream of broccoli soup and I also knew that I needed to try some different recipes if my family was going to get through the first stage of the GAPS Intro Diet.

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