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I am so glad you're here! What you'll find below is a collection of tools, training, and bible reading plans that I have found helpful in my own life and the lives of other Christian women.

This resource section was inspired by the needs in our community group and my passion for helping women live with more hope, joy, peace, and purpose. I hope you'll use these resources faithfully to grow deeper with God and gain more boldness as you live out His unique calling for your life.

If you have any questions or have ideas for future resources, please contact me.



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Bible Reading

engage with scripture

How to Engage with Scripture

a guide to simple, meaningful bible reading

bible reading plans

reading plans

create a daily bible reading discipline



intentional new year

Intentional New Year

your priority planning exercise for 2019

giving thanks

Giving THanks

an exercise in gratitude

intentional marriage

Intentional Marriage


intentional christianity manifesto

Intentional Christianity Manifesto

get a beautiful download with our full manifesto

recommended reading

Recommended Reading

books & devotionals for women + kids

tools and apps

Tools & Apps

the things that make our lives a little easier


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