Day 1

James 1:1-8

Reflect: What emotions do you feel when you consider facing current or future trials/challenges?

Day 2

James 1:9-11

Reflect: Why do you think "humble circumstances" would be a benefit to a believer's faith?

Day 3

James 1:12-18

Reflect: What temptations are you currently facing? Ask God to give you the strength to turn towards Him instead of your own desires.

Day 4

James 1:19-21

Reflect: In which relationships or situations do you struggle with impatience & anger?

Day 5

James 1:22-27

Reflect: Information + Application = transformation. What can you apply today from God's truth?

Day 6

James 2:1-7

Reflect: In what areas have you felt overlooked or overshadowed? Who might you be overlooking?

Day 7

James 2:8-13

Reflect: How have you judged others unmercifully by comparing their "greater" sins to yours?

Day 8

James 2:14-19

Reflect: How does what you do demonstrate your faith in God & your love for others?

Day 9

James 2:20-26

Reflect: What can you do today to demonstrate your faith in God & your love for others?

Day 10

James 3:1-6

Reflect: Think back to the last week... Who have you built up with your words? Who have you torn down with your words?

Day 11

James 3:7-12

Reflect: Who will you see today? Intentionally choose to lift up and encourage them with your words.

Day 12

James 3:13-16

Reflect: Search your hear--towards whom do you feel envy?

Day 13

James 3:17-18

Reflect: How does your own "wisdom" compare to God's wisdom?

Day 14

James 4:1-6

Reflect: What have you been asking for from God, that you have not received? Do you feel bitterness towards God for not fulfilling that desire or are you patiently trusting in His grace & timing?

Day 15

James 4:7-10

Reflect: Is God beckoning you to draw near to Him today? What do you need to surrender to God to submit yourself to Him?

Day 16

James 4:11-12

Reflect: What makes you unfit to be the "Lawgiver and Judge" over your neighbor?

Day 17

James 4:13-17

Reflect: In what areas have you excluded God from your future hopes/dreams/plans?

Day 18

James 5:1-6

Reflect: If wealth & material possessions are temporal, what do you think are our greatest eternal investments?

Day 19

James 5:7-12

Reflect: In what area of your life is God asking you to stand firm & persevere?

Day 20

James 5:13-16

Reflect: What is your first response when you face a challenge?

Day 21

James 5:17-20

Reflect: Who are your sisters in Christ who will lovingly correct you when you wander?