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5 lies we believe about forgiveness

5 Lies we believe about forgiveness

by Taryn Nergaard

unseen the quiet honor of humble obedience

Unseen:The quiet honor of humble obedience

by Taryn Nergaard


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I'm Taryn

I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my husband & 4 kids.

My passion is leading women to live authentically and pursue meaningful relationships with God and others. 

I know no other way to bring hope, joy, peace, and purpose to a woman than to point her back to Jesus.

Through blogging, reading plans, book recommendations, courses, and inspirational art, everything that our team and I create is meant to help you develop your confidence in Christ so that you can live the life He created you to live.

I hope that my community & resources draw you nearer to God and to His people.



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